About Us


SiPanda's technology is focused at enabling next-gen wire-speed performance and flexibility at scale for hyperscalers and cloud service providers. We start by defining the network datapath from the perspective of programmers and architects developing high performance, software defined network infrastructure at scale. We then use a purpose-built hardware and software architecture to provide effective performance and programmability at speeds from 200Gbps to 1Tbps and beyond.



"I founded SiPanda to build the networking infrastructure solution that I wish I had when I was at Google and Facebook but that no vendor ever came close to delivering"
Tom Herbert, Founder & CTO

“A major barrier to broader deployment of Smartnics has been the lack of ease of programmability. Deploying SmartNic and Cloud Scale Datacenter Accelerator Solutions should be as simple as programming in C/C++ and running it on any CPU."
Balaji Baktha, Investor


Meet the Team

The founders of SiPanda are  industry veterans who have developed innovative technologies over the past three decades. At SiPanda, they are creating a paradigm shift to enable a fully programmable network infrastructure at scale beyond terabit.

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Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Founder & CTO


Hardware Lead

The goal of SiPanda is to rethink the network datapath. To do so, we are always looking for the best and brightest people to join our team. If you are interested, please send us your resume, and let us know what excites you!





Feb 18, 2021: "SiPanda Launches to Rethink the Network Infrastructure Datapath and Create a New Level of Flexibility and Performance.”




August 4, 2021, PANDA 1.3: High Performance Programmable Parser for the Linux Kernel!